A consumer’s guide to car lease

If you’re looking into your options for your next car then you may have heard about car leasing. This form of car use has become increasingly popular in recent years as people have found themselves unable to commit to large, financial purchases. This guide aims to introduce car leasing, explaining how it works and telling you about how you can get the best car lease deal.

How car leasing works

Car leasing is where a consumer is provided with a car in return for a monthly payment. The car in question is then replaced every two to three years with a new lease contract. The main benefit of leasing a car is that you always drive a vehicle that is covered by warranty and due to its age it very rarely needs any mechanical work. Another benefit is that you can lease a more luxurious car than you could probably afford to buy.

No matter if you are searching for personal or business car leasing you can make your own choice for latest model hybrid or electric car or you can lease used car. 

Getting the best deal on your car lease

Starting with price comparison websites
You should start your search with price comparison websites. Here you can enter your details to see what car lease deals are available to you. The results are listed against one another so that it’s easy to compare key factors of the lease side by side (such as length of contract, monthly costs and any other specifics).
Shopping online
Shopping online for your car lease should certainly make for your first step in searching out the cheapest car lease deal. However you should also take time to check out your local and national newspapers for dealers that you may not have come across online, or that aren’t listed on price comparison websites. Frequently car lease companies advertise their most competitive deals in the classified section of such newspapers.
Calling providers directly
One last factor that you should bear in mind is that not all providers are featured on price comparison websites. This doesn't necessarily mean that such companies aren't competitive; in actuality it may even mean that they’re able to offer lower prices. Calling providers who aren’t featured on such websites directly will help give you the best overall idea of what’s available.

Others factors to consider when choosing a car lease

Is a car lease really right for you?
Car leases will be ideal for those who need a fixed cost every month, knowing that they’ll never pay more for unexpected repair bills. However, they are almost always more expensive than buying a car, not least because you don’t have a tangible product at the end of your contract.

Additional charges at the end of the lease
One important factor that very often isn’t considered when comparing leases is the possibility of additional charges being added at the end of the term. This can be for factors such as damage or returning the vehicle in an unacceptably messy state. Taking care of your car and putting it through a car valet before its return will help ensure you avoid these additional charges.

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