A savvy consumer’s guide to standing desks

Recently the idea of the workout office has hit the headlines. We’ve seen reports of offices that use exercise bikes and running machines in combination with desks that allow users to work out and work traditionally at the same time. However, this concept is far from new and many have extolled the benefits of using a standing desk for a long time.

Alternatively standing desks have also been used in situations where the user must stand to greet people. For either of these situations this guide introduces you to what’s available if you’re looking for a standing desk, and how you can make a saving on your purchase.

Types of standing desks

Standing desks for reception areas

When choosing a standing desk for your reception area you need to consider what items it needs to house. If it’s to be used with a computer then you’ll most likely need a tiered set up that will set the keyboard onto a lower level than the computer screen. This additionally needs to be adjustable so that each user can change the height that the desk sits at.

You may additionally need to consider items such as paper work. If you work in an industry that is affected by data protection then you’ll likely need the desk to store data sensitive items. In this instance there are plenty of standing desks that feature lockable areas.

Standing desks to be used with exercise equipment

With the recent media attention standing desks that are coupled with exercise equipment have become more and more popular. Because of this there is a wider range than ever, all at lower prices than they were previously. However, as an employer ensuring that your employees are safe is paramount. So it pays to seriously consider a desk set up when you’re using it with exercise equipment.

Recent studies show that if you are standing by your desk, you burn 88 calories per hour which is not a lot more compared to the 80 calories per hour that you burn while sitting. If you count on it for your daily exercise, you better not. 

Making a saving on your standing desk

Shopping online

Using online retailers will almost always provide you with the best possible prices. Such retailers can lower their prices due to the fact that they have no physical premises and the associated overheads that accompany it.

Delivery charges

If you do decide to opt for an online retailer you should just bear in mind that you will probably need to pay for delivery. Such charges differ drastically form supplier to supplier, so be sure to research this prior to spending your time picking out the perfect standing desk.

Office supplies companies

If you’re buying in bulk, or have a good relationship with an office supplies company then you may be able to benefit from their purchasing power. They also offer the option of negotiation, so contact your office supplies company in the first instance to see what they can offer.

Best standing desks of 2020

- Uplift V2 - motorized and very stable desk.

- ApexDesk Elite - standing desk with a large desktop

- Fully Jarvis Bamboo - high-end eco-friendly standing desk

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