A buyer’s guide to phone free gift deals

If you’re phone contract is soon ending, or you’re currently searching for your first ever contract, then you may have found that the sheer amount of choice before you can be bewildering. For many the contracts that offer free gifts along with the contract can seem like a tempting prospect. However are they really as good as they seem? Well, this guide will tell you.

Phone Free Gift deals – Are they as good as they seem?

The Free Gift

The first thing you should do to work out whether a deal is a good deal is to undertake a little research as to the free gift and its value. Finding the RRP of this component of the contract will allow you to work out what’s you’re really paying for the handset and free minutes, texts and internet allowance.
Whilst there certainly are some great deals out there with high value, high quality gifts, there are also providers who use cheaper gifts and then charge a premium on the remaining contract so that you’re paying significantly over the odds.

The handset

The majority of Phone Free Gift deals won’t offer the free gift to the detriment of what handset you’re offered. However you again need to undertake a little research as to the handset you will be receiving, its value and whether it’s really the handset for you.

Finding the best Phone Free Gift deal

Using phone contract comparison websites

There are plenty of websites out there that act as mini search engines dedicated to finding the best Phone Free Gift deal for you. These websites invariably allow you to search through filters, so you can choose deals with a large amount of minutes, texts or internet data. Be sure to check the phone provider’s website directly however as there may be small print that makes a difference to the deal. For example, contracts that state ‘unlimited free minutes’ may be subject to a fair usage policy, which means they only provide as many free minutes as they deem ‘fair’.

Other factors to consider when choosing the right Phone Free Gift deal for you

Considering minutes, texts and internet usage

When choosing the most suitable deal for you don’t focus on the gift alone. It’s essential that you think about how many minutes, texts and internet data you need on a monthly basis. If you’re unsure as to what these figures are then it may be worthwhile overestimating your usage. Going over contract included freebies can see you paying significant charges at the end of the month when the bill arrives.

Thinking about contract length

Generally contracts are all 24 months long now pretty much without exception. If this is too long a period for you then you may want to consider a sim only deal where you are only locked in to a maximum of 3 months.

Is the free gift worth it?

Most comparison websites will now give you the total cost of your contract so you can easily compare and see if the gift is really free and if the money you are paying extra are worth the gift. Sometimes it is, sometimes it's not so make sure you do your calculations before you sign any contracts. 

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