Buying Guide to Breakdown Cover

When you plan a journey by car or if you drive long distances every day, it is important that your vehicle is at its best. Any problems with your car, especially during winter weather, can have you stranded on the motorway. There are various insurance companies within the UK that will provide breakdown cover and all you will need to do is choose the right one.

Types of Breakdown Cover

With the types of breakdown cover, you will need to select the one that best suits the type of driving you are doing. Here are examples of the types of breakdown cover listed below:
Full Recovery – This is just like roadside assistance service, but it will also cover having your vehicle taken from where it is, to an auto garage that is near your home. Breakdown cover that includes full recovery can also transport the driver and passengers at no extra charge.
Roadside Assistance – This is the most popular form of breakdown cover. It will cover for a call-out by a mechanic and any costs needed for the mechanic to fix your vehicle when it breaks down.
European Cover – This type of cover is for any who decides to drive their car on holiday. It can either cover for a short trip or be purchased as annual cover for trips of up to 3 months.

What To Look For

The type of breakdown cover you select will depend on whether it covers just your vehicle regardless of who is driving it or if it covers specific people. Therefore, one of the key areas to be aware of in breakdown cover is who exactly is covered. If this type of insurance covers your vehicle, it will not matter who is driving it when the problem occurs.
This type of insurance is great for afamily that shares one or two cars. In some instances you can purchase breakdown cover that only covers the driver as named on the insurance policy. This is more personal coverage and can be extended to include specific family members such as spouse or partner.
If you go abroad often it would be quite sensible to opt for European breakdown cover. Recovery costs could be huge and such policy could save you thousands. A day trip breakdown cover to France will cost you under £5 unless you have annual European breakdown cover.

Price of Breakdown Cover

Prices will indeed vary. ASDA’s roadside assistance starts at £27 per year, with full cover starting at £78 per annum. Green Flag offer attarctive deal with up to 50% off the price of The AA and RAC renewal quotes. RAC standart roadside assistance prices start from £4.5 per month. Therefore, the price of breakdown cover will vary, depending on the provider you choose and the benefits like unlimited or free callouts, tow to a local garage or anywhere in the UK included in the policy.

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