An essentials guide to Emergency Home Insurance

Many consumer may not realise that they can protect their home against the damages of emergencies by taking out emergency home insurance. This guide aims to introduce those not familiar with the insurance and tells consumers about how they can find the best deal for their home.

What is home emergency insurance?

Home Emergency Insurance ensures that you’re covered in the event of an emergency at your home such as a burst pipe, blocked or broken drains, a boiler that has broken down or an electric failure. This type of insurance usually offers a team of rapid response specialists who will arrive at your home to fix the issues within a set period.

Finding the best deal on emergency home insurance

Using price comparison websites

The best place to find the most suitable and cost effective home emergency insurance for your home is on price comparison websites. Here you will enter your information and be provided with tailored quotes from what can be thousands of providers. Just be sure to check the deals in full as they won’t all cover the same events and may differ on their levels of monetary cover.

Calling providers directly

There are some providers who don’t appear on comparison websites at all. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t compete, so calling such suppliers directly is essential if you’re to be sure of getting the best deal.

Other factors to consider when looking for emergency home insurance

Checking whether you already have home emergency cover

Some home insurance providers cover emergencies under their main policy, be sure to check with your current supplier before seeking out home emergency insurance specifically.

Checking the terms and conditions in detail

Checking the terms and conditions of home emergency insurance is absolutely vital if you’re to avoid the possibility of finding certain situations uncovered. You may also find that whilst they generally say they cover a certain situation such as a burst pipe, that there are attached conditions which have to be met prior to the insurance paying out.

Checking out consumer review websites

Insurance companies in any area of industry are known to sometimes not pay out, whether it be car insurance providers who only pay for 70% of a car’s damage, or pet insurance that only covers a pet for certain illnesses. However finding that your insurance company won’t pay for certain things in an emergency situation can be most distressing of all. To avoid this situation as far as possible you should not only check the terms and conditions thoroughly, but additionally refer to consumer review websites. Here you’ll hear about real world experiences and how the various providers acted with their customers in their time of need.

Remember that it is landlords' responsibility to get home emergency cover. The tenants should take care of the content but in case of such breakdown the landlord will pay for the repairs.

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