A consumer’s guide to Car Rental

If you’re considering car hire for a particular reason then there are various things that you need to be aware of in order to find the cheapest and most appropriate deal for you. This guide will talk about what you need to be aware of, and how you can make sure you aren’t paying over the odds.

Making a saving on your car hire

What vehicle do you need?
Choosing the vehicle that you need will ensure that you’re not opting for a vehicle too large or luxurious for your needs and budget. Generally speaking the larger the hire company the larger the selection of vehicles. However that’s not to say that the smaller, more localised companies can’t compete, it just means that the former is likely to have more specialised vehicles.

Gathering quotes
Gathering as many quotes as possible will help you find low cost car hire dealer. Ideally you’re looking to gather 5 or more quotes. You should try both large rental companies as well as the local businesses that are close to you.

Checking the fine print
No one likes to read hundreds of lines of terms and conditions, but unless you want to face charges when you return the vehicle you need to know everything about the contract that you’re taking out. In particular you should check to see what their policies are should the vehicle have an accident or suffer a small amount of damage.

Other factors to consider when hiring a car

For how long you will rent the car

Knowing for how much time you will need a rental car might reduce the cost as dealers can cut off the price per day in case of long term hiring.

Considering company reputation
Whilst making a saving is great, finding the cheapest deal may not always be what it seems. In order to ensure that you’re not stuck with a poor vehicle and bad customer service you should check consumer review websites to see how other consumers have found the services of the company in question. Trusted companies offer nationwide and international rental locations.

Ensuring that you don’t overrun your hire period
Ensuring that you don’t overrun you hire period is essential if you’re to avoid what can be significant surcharges. These charges should also be checked prior to agreeing to the hire. If you do think that you’re going to be unavoidably late on the day of return then call the company directly, they may waiver the fee if you provide enough notice.

Returning the car in good order
When you return your vehicle the car hire company has a right to expect that it isn’t a total mess inside or out; this isn’t to say that it has to be spotless, just that there isn’t rubbish strewn around in the car. The premium quality cars have not only higher rates for renting, but in case of any damage it will cost you more too.

Choosing your pick up and drop off points
Many car hire companies can arrange to deliver the car to you, or pick it up at the end of the hire period. This does attract a premium, however the added convenience of having the car collected from your home sometimes outweighs the charge.

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