Gadget insurance: guide to insuring your gadgets at home and on the move

Gadget insurance has become increasingly popular as people’s homes fill up with more and more of the affordable gadgets that are entering the market. Whilst those one of purchases may just about be affordable, paying twice for them most certainly isn’t. This is where gadget insurance can help, and in this guide we walk you through the ins and outs of gadget insurance and what you should consider when purchasing it.

The value of gadget insurance

Many people overlook gadget insurance as just another monthly expense, however for those that have had to replace that prized gadget, the value of gadget insurance is more than emphasised, particular where this item was that vital mobile phone that they found practically impossible to live without.

Factors to consider when buying gadget insurance

Single-item or multiple insurance

When considering gadget insurance, the first thing to think about is how many items you want to insure. Whilst many opt to only insure their phones, there can be savings made by purchasing multiple item gadget insurance. Generally you can expect to save around 10% on any additional items insured on the same policy.

Yearly of monthly payments

Whilst the majority of insurers offer only monthly insurance (due to the relatively short life span of gadgets) there are some that offer a yearly payment plan. Choosing between these will really depend on the item you have, and how long you typically expect it to last. Bear in mind however that many insurers may have it stated in their small print that insurance policies are non refundable should you wish to cancel.

Type of cover

The type of cover is based around the value of your item, obviously the cheaper the item, the cheaper the insurance.

Discounts and special offers

Due to the increasing competition within the gadget insurance market, there are frequently deals and offers on from various providers. You should therefore take your time when choosing insurance, and possibly hold out for particular deal times (such as just after Christmas, when everyone is looking to insure their Christmas presents).

Gadget insurance providers


Helpucover has a special standard cover of £14.99 a month for all-inclusive insurance for unlimited number of items. You can insure at any point in time and seek their assistance if you need to block your mobile phone as well as much more.


Loveitcoverit offers policies backed up by AXA. Their cover is some of the most comprehensive around. In particular, they have special cover for 14-day money back guarantee and dedicated insurances for almost all popular items on the market. covering theft, liquid damage, cracked screens and mechanical breakdown.

With, you will check all offers on the market before making the final decision. Compare and contrast before buying with this quote provider.

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