A beginner’s guide to Scooter insurance

Very often a motorised scooter is the first form of personal transport in a person’s life. However because of the low age ranges of people who take up Scooter insurance the costs involved with insuring such a vehicle can be considerable. This guide introduces you to scooter insurance and how you can make a saving when taking out this form of policy.

Making a saving on your scoter insurance

Using price comparison websites

Your first port of call in your search for cheap scooter insurance should be price comparison websites. Here you’ll be able to enter your specific details to find deals that are suited to your needs.

In the results you should take care to check details such as the excess fee (which is the standard charge that you’ll have to pay in the case of an accident, whether it’s your fault or not).

Additionally you should ensure that you go to each provider’s website directly to check through the terms and conditions in detail.

Contacting providers directly

Whilst price comparison websites store the details of thousands of insurance providers there are some that choose not to appear on such websites at all. Establishing who these are in order to call them directly shouldn’t be overlooked. The fact that they don’t appear on the price comparison websites may even mean that they’re able to offer lower premiums through avoiding the costs involved with advertising on price comparison websites.

Other factors to consider when taking out scooter insurance

Don’t be tempted to mislead your insurer

Many consumers are tempted to mislead potential insurers as to where they live or other details that may potentially lower their premiums. Doing this is not only illegal (which in itself can land you in trouble with the law) but will additionally leave any insurance policy null and void in the event of an accident.

Ensuring that you’re wearing the correct safety equipment

Of course you should purchase a high quality helmet from a reputable supplier, however, you should also think about protecting the rest of your body. Wearing thick clothes can help protect you to a certain degree but there is no better protection than full leathers worn with specifically designed biking gloves.

Secure your belongings

Make sure that you keep your scooter in a secure place, locked. If not possible to be stored in a garage then at least locked with a proper approved secure lock. Read the list with insurer appproved locks before getting one for your scooter. 

Taking your CBT

An additional situation that you should avoid is driving without having taken a CBT course. These courses are extremely reasonably priced and can start from as little as £80 (this figure varies greatly form provider to provider so be sure to check out a few companies prior to booking). These courses aren’t tests as such, rather they involve a day’s training that ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge to safely drive a scooter on UK roads.

Lastly you should ensure that any company you book a CBT with is qualified to offer such courses through the Government’s official providers list.

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