A consumer’s guide to buying business cards

If you’ve recently gone into business or are looking for ways to build on sales then having fantastic looking business cards is one unavoidable service that you’ll need to order. However there are plenty of options available to you that mean that you don’t have to pay through the nose for the printing and design of your business cards. This guide will tell you all about how you can get the best deal on your business cards and the other factors you should be considering.

Making a saving on your business cards
Physical retailers versus companies based solely online
The most important choice you have is whether to purchase from a physical printing store or buying online. The former option almost certainly will not be cheaper, however if you prefer to have face to face conversations and have very specific needs then this option may be for you.
Design services versus ‘Do It Yourself’
Buying online will see you with a choice of ordering a professional design service or designing the card yourself. Whilst the large majority of business card websites offer fantastic templates and easy to use design interfaces, you may find that you want your business cards to be unique. Some companies are experts in creating not only the graphic design but the company logo too.

If you do want to opt for the DIY option then you may also want to track down some free template designs online, there are plenty of well-respected websites that hand out designs for free.

Considering delivery
If you choose an online provider then you must make sure that you check delivery rates prior to ordering. There are some companies that offer a set amount of business cards for free, but then charge extortionate rates for the delivery. Others will come up with a deal for free delivery for a certain amount /1000 or at least 500/ business cards. 
Researching the company
There can be nothing worse than receiving business cards that are of poor quality. As well as choosing a suitably thick paper to print upon you should also undertake a little research as to the printing company’s reputation. Consumer review websites will give you the low down on how previous customers have found the end product to be.


The prices can vary depending on:
* The number of cards you want to order. You may find it cheaper to order more cards with free delivery compared to the needed small quantity adding the cost of the delivery.
* On the size of the cards - normally cards are one size, but you may want something extraordinary or fold-up cards.
* The quality of the paper - the plain paper will give the same details as the luxury one, but if you want to make special impression with stylish business card, be prepared to pay almost double price for it.
* Fast delivery - in case you are in a hurry there will be extra charge for express printing service.

Other factors to consider when choosing your business cards
Choosing an appropriate design
Whilst you certainly want a beautiful design there is little point in choosing a design that looks great but has nothing to do with your business. The most effective business cards are those that represent your offering, so factoring in some imagery is essential.
Going for something a little different
If you feel that you really want to stand out from the crowd then there are specialist business card providers that can produce something truly unique. From business cards made out of premium qulaity paper, real wood, to transparent business cards. If you opt for a specialist service then be prepared for the unavoidable premium that accompanies them.

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