A traveller’s guide to Ferry France

If you’re soon to be travelling to France then you may be considering joining the thousands of others who choose a ferry to make their journey each and every year. Whilst many consider that Ferry journeys are excessively long when compared to flying, the actual journey times stand at around one and half hours, which can actually be significantly shorter than flying when you factor in arrival time and baggage collection at the airport.

Making a saving on your Ferry France Trip
Waiting for sale times
Generally you’ll find that asides from school holiday periods (which attract a significant premium) the prices of Ferries to France are always around the same ranges. That said, there may be some dealers who have discounts for booking during certain times of the year. All companies offer regular departures from both directions and if you are planning your holiday in advance you can check online their schedules for special offers and fares. 
Using price search engines
Just as there are price comparison websites for flights there are also various websites that will help you get the best deal on your ferry. When you use such sites try to be flexible with your sail dates and also search for different crossings, you may find that the prices can vary quite significantly from day to day and from location to location.
Sail and destination points
Sailing from England will see you with a few choices as to where to sail from, these include: Dover, Folstone, Plymouth, Newhaven, Bournemouth and Portsmouth. The destination points in France are: Calais, Dieppe, Roscoff, Dunkirk, St Malo, Le Havre and Cherbourg.
Other factors to consider when taking a ferry to France
Deciding whether to take your car
If you’re considering taking your car then you should be aware that the ‘on foot’ Ferry versus the ‘with car’ prices differ dramatically. Unless you really need a vehicle then it may be wise to sail without it. Run a few searches through the ferry websites to see for yourself just how different prices can be.
The various companies that run Chanel crossing ferries differ in what they offer in terms of the cruise liner and the facilities on board. Generally you will find that the more budget of crossing only offer the bare minimum; but then if you’re looking to make a saving the lack of shops for an hour and a half won’t be a significant issue.
Ferry and Hotel deals
Many of the tour operators offer discounts for those who book a ferry and hotel package. You’ll need to check their websites directly however as they aren’t included in any of the price comparison websites. If you think you’ve found a good deal on a hotel and ferry package then be sure to check a website such as TripAdvisor to find out about consumer’s experiences of the hotel.

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