London Locksmiths: Securing your Home

Safety is paramount especially in the vibrant city of London where you need to ensure that your home or business is secure. You can get a locksmith to give you burglary services such as specific lock systems for your home or business in addition to a spare sets of keys in case you need it. In addition, many locksmiths in London offer 24 hour emergency services in case you are in need of getting locks refitted or repaired quickly and safely.

Locksmith Services

Many locksmith companies offer a variety of services not just confined to changing a lock but also additional services such as eviction specialists for being locked out of your home. They may need proof of address and identity when changing the locks of any home and enabling you into a property that you say you own. You can choose to consult one of the many locksmiths in your local area in London or you may want to ring a helpline to get advice on your individual requirements.

Where can I get a trusted locksmith in London?

You can search for locksmiths in London via the internet which has a comprehensive listing of locksmith companies in and around Greater London. You can also search your local Yellow Pages to get more information on locksmith services that are in your area. Many online organisations may offer discounts on services so it is worth checking online to get a better price. However, if you are unsure you may want to go by recommendation from a friend or family member who has used a trusted locksmith before.

Any locksmith will require proof to know that you are the legal owner/renter of the building. This can be confirmed with photo ID, driving licence or a bill with your name on it and the correct address. If you have none of these to hand you may need to call up your landlord, family(if nearby) or neighbours. 

Costs of Locksmith Services

The costs of locksmith services my vary but it you could get a locksmith to help you if you are locked out with non destructive entry for around £49 on average in London. Again, prices may vary according to the type of services you require for your individual needs. For more complicated work you could be looking at spending around £89 excluding VAT on average and this may be for services such as gaining access to a mortice lock or something very complicated to get into a property.

What should I do if I am locked out?

If you are accidently locked out of your home or have been evicted from your home without legitimate reasons you may be entitled to call the 24 hour support team offered by many locksmiths in London. You can call 118 500 the national directory who can put you in touch with an emergency locksmith straight away if you are locked out and arrange for you to get entry back into your property.

Helpful Tips

It is always a good idea to have one or two spare keys for each person living in your house so that way if you do get locked out another person can let you in. In addition you may want to keep a set of spare keys with a loved one such as your grandparents or sibling, in case of an emergency.

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