An essential guide to phone and free laptop deals

If you’re phone contract is soon to be over then you’re probably already looking for the best phone deal. Many consumers in this position are tempted to opt for a contract that offers a free gift (with anything from TVs to game consoles on offer). A popular choice in this area is Phone & Free Laptop deals, however you need to take care that you’re really getting the best deal when taking out this type of contract. This guide will introduce you to these types of contracts, and tell you about how you can find the most appropriate contract for you.

Thinking about your contract

Don’t just focus upon what the free gift is that you receive with your telephone contract. Certainly it’s a bonus, but ignoring the ins and outs of the contract itself will almost certainly see you paying over the odds. Specifically you should think about the following factors:

Length of contract

Generally mobile phone contracts are now a standard 24 months. However there are sim only deals that run to a rolling 3 month contract for those who really don’t want to be locked in (all of such deals come without a handset or gift).

Monthly charge

The monthly service charge is the main factor to consider when searching for Phone Free Laptop Deals; think about how much you can really afford and compare the overall package price to the amount of free texts, minute and internet allowance on offer. It may also be wise to compare it to a similar deal that comes without alaptop, this will show you exactly how much you’re paying for your ‘free’ gift.

More and more comparison websites will give you a calculation of the total cost of your contract which makes it easier to avoid providers' little tricks into getting you sign with them. Make sure you checked the total first before signing any contracts. 

Additional charges for running over free minutes, internet allowance and free text messages

The charges for running over your free minutes, texts and internet allowance can sometimes be astronomical. Checking these figures is essential when taking out any contract, whether it come with a free gift or otherwise.

Finding the best Phone Free Laptop deal

Checking out the model of the laptop

After checking the ins and outs of the phone contract itself it’s time to look at the actual laptop on offer. Laptop models and their respective qualities will differ greatly from provider to provider, so be sure to get the model number and under take a little research.

Expert review websites are the best place for a qualified opinion on how good the laptop on offer is. As well as this you should check to see how much the laptop is worth in terms of retail value. If it’s relatively cheap then it may be worth saving for instead of paying a premium on your phone contract.

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