A buyer’s guide to Skip Hire

Whether you’re renovating a new property or are having a clear out of the seemingly endless items of junk that have built up in your home over the years hiring a skip can save you a significant amount of time. The large volume of skips can generally save you dozens of journeys to the tip and so the hire price is usually justified by the amount of petrol you’d save. Additionally however there are ways that you can make a saving on skip hire and this guide talks you through the process, as well as telling you about the other important factors to consider when hiring a skip.

Saving on skip hire

Gathering quotes

The first thing that you should do is gather at least 5 quotes so you can get a good idea of what is on offer. Don’t just contact the larger of skip hire companies, try the more localised, smaller businesses also. You should also ensure that each quote is for the same size skip, as there are numerous types available.

Only ordering the size you need

Judging the size you need is extremely important if you’re not either going to find yourself with a skip that’s too large (which will be a waste of money), or a skip that’s too small (which will see you having to either order another, or make a few trips to the tip). Generally skip hire companies provide skips that are between 4 and 40 cubic yards (if you’re unsure as to what these sizes mean speak to the skip hire company directly).

What can be thrown in the skip? 

- Mixed domestic - general household waste including carpets, furniture, mattresses, light and heavy goods

- Mixed building - general and domestic building waste including bricks, concrete

- Garden waste

- Hazardous waste - food waste, electrical appliances, batteries and other hazardous items and materials.

Other factors to consider when hiring a skip

Ensuring access to the skip come pick up time

At the end of the hire period you need to ensure that the skip company has full access to the area in which your skip is placed. If it’s on your drive then you should keep an eye out for any neighbours parking across the front of your drive, as a wasted journey for the skip hire company could see you hit with a surcharge.

The Length of time that you’ll need your skip for

The length of time you’ll hire your skip for will be down to you; however you should take care to not either over or underestimate how long you require it for. If you think you’re likely to go over the hire period contact the company to see if they can provide an extension on the period of hire.

Allowable items

Checking what can and can’t go into the skip is essential if you’re to avoid additional charges or issues at the end of the hire. Items such as fridge’s, freezers, other home appliances and harmful chemicals are strictly prohibited.

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