Safety and Convenience with Self Storage

There are often times when you direly need extra space for baggage or even bigger items. This can be the case when you move to a new house, when you change bulky furniture or when major repair works are underway. Rented storage space is no odd item any more. This market niche is growing by the day and you might be surprised to find that storage space is available in immediate proximity to your home.

Why you may need self storage?

There are many reasons why you may need self storage. Some of them are:

- Renovating your home - if you need to clear your home to renovate it, then self storage is your best option.

- Moving - if you are moving and need to store your stuff for a while.

- Storage room for equipment, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. 

- Business storage for inventory and archives

Estimate the size

Start your search by estimating your storage needs. You might first want to know how to pack in the most compact way possible to ensure optimum storage space use. A number of providers offer visual displays of how regular home furniture items can be arranged within a storage cell of regular dimensions.

Packing and transporting

Most providers will come up with an all-around service, meaning they can sell you for a reasonable price the boxes and packing materials you need to keep your items free from dust and scratch. Once you are done, most storage space players will offer you to hire a van free of charge as a complimentary gift of choosing their services.

Pricing and discounts

Pricing of self storage units varies depending on their location and size yet in general, you will have to pay about £12-16 per week for 10 sq.f. The good news is that you will generally enjoy a big discount for the first month of your stay which is either £1 or 50% off the general price.
This is a price which creates no obligations for you, i.e. you can stay for as long as you feel like. Some stores go even further by offering 50% discounts for first 8 weeks of your stay with them. Hence, it is worth hunting out for the offers of storage providers nearby and ask for them.

Where to look for it

SafeStore offers personal and business storage alike. Access to the cells is unlimited, you can go there at any time of the day or night, weekends included. Inquiries about the price are available by calling the dedicated phone line.

Shurgard is your choice if you live in London or in the Thames Valley. Select any of its 22 locations and get space in the one that suits you best.

At BigYellow you can find the store in closest proximity to your home or office by entering your postcode, town or city. Check out the offerings today.

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