An essential guide to choosing wedding photography

If you’re approaching your wedding then you may have been mulling over your wedding photography options. This element of a wedding is, by far, one of the most important factors of the day. To this end, you may well have heard plenty of horror stories of wedding photos being returned a month or so after the big day only for the Bride and Groom to find that the pictures are of poor quality and haven’t captured the various guests and themselves in the best light.

Because of these reasons it pays to consider various factors when choosing a wedding photographer, and this guide will talk you through what these are.

Should you be aiming to make a saving on your wedding photography?

You may have ended up on this page reading this guide because you’re been shocked at how much wedding photography costs. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with looking to make a saving with many areas of your wedding your photographer should not be one.
Additionally, you should cosider that the hours put in by the photographer (which is often a full, 10 hour day), the time taken developing and editing the photos and the equipment that the photographer uses all mean that the ‘high costs’ that you’ve seen aren’t all that unreasonable.

Factors to consider when choosing your wedding photography

Checking your photographers reputation
Prior to even contacting a photographer directly you should undertake some research as to the outcomes of previous weddings photographed by the companies or photographers that you’re looking at.
Consumer view websites are great at sourcing this information and can help guide you in your choice.
Ask for referrals
They often say that word of mouth is the best type of advertising. This can be no truer when dealing with Wedding services. To this end you should ask friends and relatives as to the photographers they’ve used and whether they would recommend their services.
You may also want to take to wedding forums to speak to past Birdes and Grooms as to the companies that they used (just be aware that you may not always know exactly who it is you’re talking to).
Considering a backup plan
No Bride or Groom wants to think of worst case scenarios for their wedding day, however a back-up plan is always required when booking a photographer. In the first instance you should ask the photographer in question whether they have a contingency plan in case they are ill. Many professionals will have another photographer that can step into the breach should they be unable to attend.
Telling factors of a photographer’s skill and dedication
Things to look out for when talking with a potential photographer are topics such as whether they’ll attend the venue beforehand to establish key shots, whether they’ll discuss photography style and what time they generally arrive and leave a wedding.

What you photographer needs to know before your wedding day?

For a good wedding story - the photographer needs to know your love story and major details from it. Don't forget also to advise the photographer of the theme and arrangements on your wedding so that he is prepared to take the best shot and always at the right place. Talk through all the shots that you expect him to take. Ask for his advice on shots as well. 

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