A buyer’s guide to Disney Tickets

For a child, visiting Disney Land (or even better, Disney World) can be a trip of alifetime. However for parents the costs of such a holiday can be the stuff of bank account nightmares. If you want to treat your little ones to some Disney Magic but make a few savings along the way then this guide is one to read.

Making a saving on your Disney tickets
Disney World versus Disney Land
If it were down to your child you’d most likely be going to Disney World. Back in the real world however and you need to consider the vast difference in prices between visiting Paris and travelling to America. If you remain uncertain then be sure to follow our tips to find the cheapest deals for each destination and compare the two overall prices.
As well as cost however you also need to consider travel times. Visiting America will be accompanied by at least a 12 hour flight, so think carefully about whether this is something you really want to brave. Travelling with children can be difficult at the best of times and a long flight with super excited children can be nothing short of a nightmare.
Booking your travel, accommodation and Disney Tickets separately
Whilst you may think that Disney package holidays are the cheapest offering, booking the elements of your holiday separately almost always sees you making a saving.
There are specialist search websites where you can track down the cheapest deal for each element, so be sure to use a website such as this to gather a price to compare.
Booking a night flight
Travelling throughout the night not only has the benefit of sleepy children, but additionally is subject to cheaper fares.
Other factors to consider when buying Disney Tickets
Avoiding school term time fines
However tempting it may be do not take your child out of school without prior permission. Today schools are handing out standard fines for those who holiday during term time, with fines equating to a minimum of £160 per travelling family member.

Avoid peak times

Few Years ago Disney World introduced date-based tickets and now it is possible to check the fares for each day of the months for month ahead. This way when buying tickets for the family you can save huge amount on your budget.

How many days you will need

Knowing how long your vacation will be will let you buy 3, 5 or 7 day passes and significantly reduce the total cost. Search for special deals with half price tickets. For example you will have 10 day passes at the price of 5 day. Isn't it amazing!

Reducing the school holiday premium
You can reduce the premium you pay for your holiday by travelling towards the very end of the 6 week summer holiday. Tickets are invariably cheaper during this time as the majority of families choose the beginning of the summer to go on holiday.
Thinking about amenities
One element of your holiday that you may underestimate is eating and drinking. Whilst Disney resorts offer an endless array of Cafes and restaurants, their products are always subject to Disney premiums. Thinking about amenities outside of the resort will see you making what can be a considerable saving.

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