A traveller’s guide to hotels Paris

Paris makes for an incredibly population destination for those from the UK. Given that flights can take less than 2 hours and the Eurostar is more affordable than ever it seems that staying in hotels in Paris is cheaper than ever. That said, savvy consumers will always want to ensure that they’re getting the most for their money, so this guide talks you through how you can make a saving on booking a hotel in Paris.

Booking a Hotel in Paris at the cheapest possible rate

Package deals versus booking separately
Many consumers may presume that flight and hotel packages are always cheaper. However this is not always the case, particularly as the rise of flight price compare websites continues to advance.
To weigh up what would be cheapest for you start by collecting a range of quotes for package holidays from travel agents and via internet providers. Use this to compare against the same hotels and flights found through the flight price compare websites.
You may also find that choosing a night time flight is cheaper than a daytime flight, so be sure to select this option when searching.
Considering Group purchasing websites
An additional form of website that’s very often overlooked is group coupon buying websites. These can offer significant discounts on both packaged holidays as well as flights and hotel stays booked separately.
Avoiding school holiday times
Whilst the prices of the actual hotels in Paris may be at a set rate throughout eachseason the overall price of your holiday can increase significantly if you holiday around the school holiday times. Avoiding this is advisable, however if you are travelling with children and have no option but to book during the school holidays then you should consider choosing a holiday towards the end of the break period. This is when prices are at their lowest as many families take their holiday at the start.

Notable hotels in Paris

If you’re looking for the crème Del la crème of Parisian hotels then the following establishments may be great places to start. These hotels do of course attract a premium, however, this is unsurprising given that they are regarded as the most luxurious places to stay in the French capital. Prices are for per person, per night, and may vary throughout the seasons.
Shangri-La hotel: from £531
Le Royal Marceau Raffles hotel: from £577
Prince de Galles hotel: from £525
Le Meurice hotel: from £430
Pershing Hall hotel: from £300
Relais Christine hotel: £271
Hotel d'Aubusson: from £237
La Belle Juliette hotel: from £227
Jules et Jim hotel: from £170
Hôtel de l'Athénee from: £165
Hotels for the super tight budget
For those holidaying on a super tight budget the following hotels may be of interest. Prices are for per person, per night, and may vary throughout the seasons.
Ibis Budget Paris La Villette: from £48
Hotel Tolbiac: from £45
Etap Paris Porte D'Orleans: from £55
Terminus Orleans: from £75
Hotel France Albion: from £117

As mentioned above get few quotes to compare prices for the same or similar hotel. Bear in mind the location and where you intend to go, as the cost for transportation will add some value and what seemed a cheap price may turn out to be more expensive than assumed when booking. 

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