A traveller’s guide to Luton airport parking

If you’re soon to be flying abroad from Luton airport then you may be considering your options for travelling to the airport itself. Whilst Luton has great infrastructural links, using public transport or taxis to travel to or from any airport can be expensive; so in this guide we tell you about what Luton Airport offers in terms of onsite parking and how it’s actually more affordable than you think.

All about Luton Airport Parking

Luton’s Car park – On Arrival

When you arrive at Luton airport you’ll need to take your booking confirmation along with you to the car park. From here you’ll park in one of the arrival lanes and proceed to the large building ahead of the lanes in order to check in (this is automated and done via machine); once you’ve checked in you leave your car key with an official attendant who will park the car for you. The tag that the machine gave you will be attached to your key, with you keeping the other half as a receipt and proof that the car you’ve dropped off is yours upon your return back to Luton.

If you want to save money from on airport parking charges - you may consider parking off the airport. Many companies offer a bus shuttle from their car park to the airport for free and the only thing you have to take into consideration is that it will take you a little longer to get to your airport check-in desk.

Whilst prices for Luton Airparks vary, they can be priced from as little as £5 a day!

Luton’s Car park – On Return

On return back in the UK you’ll need to catch a shuttle bus back to the airpark. To find your way there you’ll need to turn left out of the arrivals hall, walk past the departures area and the taxi centre and then cross the road to wait at the bus stopped with the number 12.

Once back at the original building in which you checked your car in you’ll scan the bar code on your receipt to find out where your car is located. Finally you’ll be asked again to scan your barcode immediately before leaving the car park.

Things to remember when using Luton airport parking

Arriving in good time

When using any airport car park you need to ensure that you’re arriving in good time. Check in times and the length of time between arriving and flying off will differ from flight to flight. Some airliners (particularly those that are travelling to America) have more rigorous security checks and require a 4 hour period. Others however may only be an hour or two. Factoring in the travel tine between car park and airport, plus an additional half hour or so, should stand you in good stead and ensure that you don’t miss your flight.


Whilst Luton airparks have some of the best security in the country you should follow good practises and never leave anything on display that could be deemed as valuable. If you absolutely need to leave items in your car then make sure that they are tucked away in the boot.

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