A buyer’s guide to Theatre Breaks

If you’re considering a London Theatre break then you’ll probably want to make a saving on what can be relatively expensive weekend. In this guide we tell you about the ways that you can track down the best deal and the other factors you should consider when booking a Theatre Break.

Making a saving on your Theatre Break

Buying a package deal versus buying elements separately

There’s no doubt about it, there are some pretty amazing deals to be had for those that track down the right Theatre Break package. Many tour operators will be able to offer prices considerably below booking the elements of your break separately, not least because they have a good discount at the respective hotels. That said however you should always undertake a little research to find out exactly how good a deal you’re getting. There are times where you could see a saving by shopping around for the hotel, travel and theatre tickets separately.

Deciding how to travel

When considering your choice of travel you’ll need to consider whether coach, train or car will be most suitable. Certainly the latter instance may prove to be far less convenient than you imagine and driving around London itself is not for the faint hearted. As well as this you’ll invariably find that hotels don’t include free car parking, which means that the overall cost of taking your car to London may well be prohibitive.

This then leaves you to decide between coach or train travel. Whilst coach travel will be cheaper, you should consider that the differences in journey time (of around 3 hours, with trains taking approximately 2 hours and coaches taking up to 5) can warrant the additional premium that train tickets are subject to.

If you do decide to travel by train then be sure to check out the train price engine websites; these websites will help you track down the best, and cheapest, deal for your train tickets.

Other factors you should consider when booking a Theatre Break

Choice of show

The choice of theatre shows will invariably differ from operator to operator. Be sure to check out the theatre listings in full before deciding who to book with.

Getting around in London

Generally you’ll find that booking a package theatre break will see you placed in a hotel that is relatively close to the Theatre Quarter; this should mean that getting to and from the theatre is simply a taxi journey away. Exploring London in greater detail however will see you most likely using the tube system. Be sure to plan any journeys in detail prior to setting off as the setup of the various tube stations can be a relatively intimidating business due to their complexity.

There are currently must see shows on offer and we are listing some of them below:

1. Tina - Tina Turner The Musical - it comes with an offer for 1/2 price rail travel.

2. Disney's The Lion King - 1/2 price travel, 98% recommendations, totally worth it.

3. Wicked 

4. Pretty Woman

5. Mamma Mia!

Most of these shows come with a hotel to stay nearby so look for a package deal to enjoy your break in the best possible way.

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