A traveller’s Guide to Dover Calais Ferries

For the traveller who may be wanting to either get away for the weekend, or enjoy their annual holiday without the high price tag France makes for an ideal destination. A popular choice for both groups of travellers is the choice of travelling by Ferry, which can be both convenient and affordable. Here we provide a quick overview of Dover Calais Ferries and some quick tips on making a saving when booking your ferry.

Types of Ferries that cross the channel from Dover to Calais
There are numerous forms of ferries that travel from Dover to Calais, with some catering for only foot passengers and others catering for passengers with their vehicles. 
Two ferry companies cover this route: DFDS Seaways which operates up to 15 times a day and P&O Ferries which runs up to 23 times per day, as the duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can easily find the timetables and fares of ferries crossing the Channel online.

Travelling onwards from Calais
For those who are looking for a convenient weekend away in France there are numerous destinations that are both beautiful and unique when compared to one another. Popular close by destinations near Calais include the historic town of Montreuil (which is 44 miles away), Dunkirk in Belgium (which is 30 miles away) and the seaside town of Wimereux (which is a mere 19 miles away).
Equally however taking a Dover Calais ferry provides a hassle free and quick way to arrive in Calais to travel onwards for your annual holiday. Destinations from here, which all benefit from high speed trains direct from Calais, include Amiens, Arras and Paris (the last of which is the furthest away from Calais at just under 200 miles).
Making a saving on your Dover Calais Ferry
How much are Dover Calais Ferries?
The prices of ferries that operate between Dover and Calais can vary rather significantly and depend on a number of factors which are as follows:
- The time of year that you travel;
- The quality of the liner;
- Whether you’ll be taking your vehicle;

- Any additional luggage, caravan, trailer or bikes with your car;
- How many passengers there are;
- The time of day that you travel.
Generally speaking you can expect prices to range from under £50 at their lowest to several hundred pounds at their highest.
Dover Calais Ferry Booking Tips
Using Ferry Price Comparison Websites
In order to get the best deal on your Dover Calais Ferry you should undertake a search with your preferred travel dates and times using a Ferry price comparison website. Such websites generally tend to link up to many of the major Ferry operators to bring you the lowest prices.
When using these websites you should remember to change your dates and times slightly to see if there is a cheaper deal either side of your preferred travel times.
Avoiding School Holiday Times
This rather obvious piece of advice in relation to package holidays and flights extends to ferries also. An additional tip however is that you’ll save money if you book during low season. This includes September onwards up to the festive season and January up to the beginning of spring.

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