A good dehumidifier means a healthy environment

Excessive humidity is often said to be the root cause of many medical conditions, especially those involving the respiratory system. It is no less the close friend of mould-stained walls and window sills which sight is generally far from aesthetically pleasing. Further, humid air is cooled or heated slower than dry air which would mean that humid environment takes more energy to cool or heat than its dry counterpart.

If any of these three reasons has crossed your mind and you have decided to buy a dehumidifier, then it is time to decide which one is the right one for you.

Desiccant or compressor

Tests have proven that desiccant dehumidifiers are times as efficient than compressor-driven units yet if temperatures are lower than 20°C. Compressor-driven units excel in environments which are warmer than that. This means that your choice should be primarily preconditioned on ambient temperature.
Desiccants are also preferred for use at home because they are lighter and quieter. Besides, they need no reset after power failure as they are usually equipped with their own restart mechanism. The drying agent also needs no recharge or top-up which makes desiccant dehumidifiers easy and free to maintain.

Dehumidifier for each room

Like most electrical devices, dehumidifiers have different capacity and you should match it with the premises' air drying needs. A laundry room would naturally need a more powerful dehumidifier, than, say, your living room and it would more likely be a compressor-driven unit because temperature in laundry rooms tends to be quite warm. Your garage or cellar, on the other hand, would likely need a desiccant dehumidifier in view of their lower temperatures.

Cheap and efficient

As mentioned earlier, dehumidifiers tend to conserve energy. Their energy efficiency stems from the fact that by drying air at 2 to 7 pence an hour, the heating bills go down by twice as much because drier air heats faster than the humid one. Dehumidifiers not only cut down the moisture in your home but are very helpful to those with allergies and asthma. They are easy to maintain and when portable you can move them from one room to another.

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