A consumer’s guide to Double Glazing

If you’re looking to replace your old windows and/or doors then you are probably considering double glazing. Double glazing of any description can be a relatively hefty investment, so this guide tells you how to get the best deal to ensure that you’re not paying more on what will already be a considerable bill.

Getting the best deal on your double glazing
Waiting for sale times
The double glazing industry generally tends to have a slow period (as many other businesses do) post-Christmas. It is at this time that you’re most likely to find that double glazing prices drop. So if you can wait for this period then it’s advisable to do so.
Considering bulk buy discounts
Double glazing companies generally offer bulk buy discounts if you’re having more than one window or door replaced. For example, many retailers offer the back windows for free if you are replacing the front ones. With deals such as this you need to be extremely careful to thoroughly compare their prices to other suppliers to ensure that their prices aren’t over inflated. The more unscrupulous of companies will tend to hike their prices for the windows you are paying for in order to make up for the ones that you aren’t.

Special offers

When making your researc look for companies offering affordabe finance options with low APR and low deposit. 
Shopping around for quotes
Never feel pressured into purchasing your double glazing until you are ready too. This industry is one of the most cut throat around, with thousands of suppliers all jostling for position in what is an incredibly crowded market place. Be prepared to say ‘not yet’ and continue to gather quotes until you have around 5 or more.

Installation cost

Quality double glazing should go together with the installation. When gathering your quotes make sure that the cost of the service is reasonable and will be provided by experienced experts.
Considering the little guy
One tip that people very often overlook is considering local double glazing companies. Although the majority of people presume these types of companies to be less competitive they can be surprised to find that their deals may actually work out to be cheaper.
Others factors to consider when purchasing double glazing
Buying form doorstep sellers
Double glazing salesman are notorious for appearing on your doorstep on an almost weekly basis. However you should be wary of getting into a conversation without having gathered quotes prior. These sales men work on commission basis, and so they themselves are under pressure to snag a deal.
Checking a company’s reputation
If you do find a company that is offering a good price then be sure to undertake a little research as to how their previous customers feel about the service they received. Check consumer review websites and type in the company’s name, here you will find a list of real world experiences and gain what can turn out to be invaluable pieces of information.

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