Your detailed guide to fitted kitchens

You want a stylish and comfortable place to sip your coffee mornings? You want your thoughts to blissfully wander there, rather than consider for days on end how to clean that ever-piling dust in between appliances and cupboards? An all-around re-make with a fitted kitchen would be the best solution. A solution which is as seamless as to leave insects no chance to stay and as ergonomic as to use every odd corner of the room. This is what you should ask of your consultant. Along with much more.

Time to take measurements

Ideally, your fitted kitchen journey will start with taking measurements. If you can do it yourself, this is great. If not, invite a specialist because you and your kitchen provider need to know all the twists and turns to return the most accurate kitchen set.

Time for arrangement options

Knowing the dimensions, you can proceed to fathoming where to have cabinets and where appliances. It is recommended that you do this with an expert because he might know some compatibility rules that you do not. For example, you might not know – but the expert does – that a refrigerator and a stove need to be asunder in view of their opposite functions. On the contrary, your sink and stove should be as close as possible since they are most often used when cooking. Then your expert will offer you 3D design options out of which to choose the one you like the most.

Glass, wood or plastic

It is best if the front panels of your appliances share the same colour. Therefore, a good idea could be buying items from the same manufacturer or simply stick to the aluminium, black or white colour ranges which are currently most in the fad. Then think of the material of cabinets, worktops and shelves. Is it wood or modern materials that you want? How many of them? Would you like the gloss finish? Then match it with glass, mat or clear, solid or transparent. All these go together according to the style you prefer - modern, contemporary or classic/rustic.

Make sure your kitchen will be fitted by an expert as there also some requirements to be followed so you will have assembled and working properly.

If you think you need some help or you are in search of arrangement ideas, you can start with Betta Living. This store has both online and brick-and-mortar locations where you could surf or stroll through a number of kitchen models.
Tesco gives you the chance to save on fitting whichever model you choose. Start with a tour of the new, gloss, shaker and modern kitchens to see where your eyes and heart cling to.
At John Lewis, you get ideal insight into materials for worktops, cabinets and else. Take the time to see their characteristics. You might be surprised how informed your final decision will be.

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