A buyer’s guide to kitchen stools

If you’re looking to either replace old kitchen stools or have recently refurbished your kitchen to include a breakfast bar then there are ways that you can make a saving on your kitchen stools. Here we explain where you can find cheap, but high quality stools and what else you should be considering when purchasing such an item.

Getting the best quality kitchen stools for the lowest prices

Shopping online

Shopping online for your home decor will almost always see you making a saving when compared to the prices of physical retail stores. A good, online place to start is with Google. Here you should use the ‘Shopping’ tab for an instant overview of what’s available from thousands of providers (just take care to check the price is correct through provider’s websites directly).

Ensuring quality

There will always be a price point below which quality is compromised so assuming that cheaper is always better is very often a false economy. To avoid this situation it may be wise to look into the high quality brands out there that produce kitchen stools. This way you know that the item you’ll receive will be of a certain level of workmanship.

Buying ex-display

One situation where purchasing from a local retailer may make sense is when they hold ex-display items. Whilst such items may show small signs of wear and tear on the whole you can find yourself grabbing a bargain. Just be sure to thoroughly check the kitchen stools over as returning them won’t be an option.

Other factors to consider when buying kitchen stools

Thinking about delivery charges

Whilst online retailers generally offer the lowest prices there are additional delivery charges to be considered. Such fees can vary wildly from provider to provider so be sure to check out the website’s delivery information page prior to choosing your kitchen stools.

Considering decor

Fitting in your kitchen stools with your existing decor needn't be a difficult task. If you’re not looking for an exact material then just go for the general look and feel of your kitchen as it is currently. A useful way to search is then by using words such as ‘contemporary’ or ‘modern’ for the cutting edge kitchen or ‘classic’ and ‘traditional’ for kitchens with a more homely feel.

Getting the right height

Many consumers misleadingly believe that kitchen stools are all of the same comparable height, however, whilst kitchen stools may not differ too greatly in centimetres the difference even a couple of centimetres can make the difference between eating in comfort and being seated with a bent back.

To determine the height of the stool needed measure the height of your counter. You need between 9" and 13" from the counter to the seat of the stool. For example for a counter with a height 28"-30" you need a stool with height of around 18".

Buying an adjustable kitchen stool may avoid having to guess the ideal height of stools for the newly refurbished kitchen; this may also be advisable if you have a family where every person is of a different height.

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