A buyer’s guide to kneeling chairs

One of the biggest problems within the UK workplace is time that is spent by employees off sick. A huge issue that causes this is near epidemic levels of back problems. Here we explain how ergonomic kneeling chairs wark and if they can help solve future back pain and ensure that you or your staff have good back health on both a day to day and long term basis.

The science behind knelling chairs

The issue with chairs that follow any other design is that they foster bad back positions by allowing slouching. Kneeling chairs are so called because instead of a back for support the chair is designed to position your legs so that you can support yourself. This forces the user to adopt a healthy sitting position, ensuring that the person remains upright at all times. The kneeling chairs give good posture for the spine, but mind that this way the pressure is put on your knees and you may experience some knee joint pain. And for those concerned about their shape we have to mention that kneeling burns out more calories than plain sitting.

Making a saving on your kneeling chair

Shopping online
Shopping only will undoubtedly provide you with the widest range of kneeling chairs for the lowest possible prices. To view what’s available side by side you should try using the Google Shopping feature (simply navigate to Google and click on the ‘Shopping’ link).This will give you a good overview of how much you should expect to pay.
Considering delivery charges
When searching through a website you should take care to establish how much the delivery charges are prior to browsing. Whilst many online retailers offer free delivery there are a select few who charge significant amounts that can eclipse the cost of the chair.
Shopping for a kneeling chair on a super tight budget
If you find yourself on a super tight budget then your only option may be to purchase through auction websites. If you opt for this then just be sure to research the seller prior to making abid. Checking their selling history and the past customer reviews may well save you some money and time.

Other factors to consider when purchasing a kneeling chair

Cheaper isn’t always better
Opting for a super cheap chair may not turn out to be the best option. Well-made knelling chairs are designed in such a way that ensures they last for years to come, choosing price over quality may see you with a chair that lasts for only a few months. To avoid this situation you should ideally purchase from a reputable supplier.
Adjustable versus set kneeling chairs
When looking through the range of kneeling chairs you may find that you’re presented with an option between an adjustable and set kneeling chair. The former chair may be more suitable for those who are either particularly short or exceptionally tall. However the latter is based on ergonomics, which means that the sizing will be suitable to most.

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