Add A Cosy Feel with a New Rug

A new rug is a great way to add some cosy warmth to your home without having to redecorate. If you’ve fallen into the trap of decorating your home in neutral shades (very versatile), you’ll know that it can sometimes feel cold. By adding soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains and rugs, you can create a beautiful cosy atmosphere that will make your home feel instantly more welcoming. Take a few moments to read our guide to rugs for all you need to know.

Think About Material

It’s important to consider the type of material when shopping for rugs. If the rug is to be used in a high footfall area, such as the hallway or kitchen, or in a room where it may become easily marked, such as a children’s bedroom, then you need a hardwearing, durable and stain resistant rug – polypropylene would be ideal in all these situations.

For a room where comfort is key, such as the living room or bedroom, you want a rug which is soft underfoot. A deep pile rug such as a sheepskin or leather shaggy rug will be luxuriously soft and its deep pile will feel great underfoot. Just bear in mind that rugs like this can be harder to clean – as a rule if you’re concerned about cleaning your rug, opt for a short pile one which will be easy to hoover and maintain.

Handmade rugs are worth considering as you can order them in colours and styles to match your existing interior. It's very easy to see which ones are handmade if buying from a shop - just look at the back of the carpet. If the rug is machine made, you will notice a rough grid. Handmade rugs usually contain their master's signature somewhere in them. 

It’s All About Size

When choosing the right size of rug for your home, bigger is not always better. If you have a very large open plan living space which is also used for dining, smaller rugs can help to create a division and the feel of two rooms in one. Smaller apartments with limited space should choose large rugs which extend almost to the edges of the room, as this will actually help to make the room feel more spacious.

Shopping Online

When shopping online for rugs, there is a huge range to choose from, and it’s easy to find affordable rugs in every shape, material and colour. Try to pick a ‘theme’ for each room – for example, if your home is decorated in neutral shades, pick a colour for each room, such as turquoise or purple, and pick home accessories in that shade to create a visually appealing look. Multi-coloured rugs are a great option for minimalist homes where a pop of colour looks amazing! Rugs are a great way to add comfort and cosiness to your home, and look beautiful in both period and contemporary properties.

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