What to look for in a stairlift

When age takes its toll and one gradually loses strength, this is not a reason to think of bed as the only alternative in the days to come. Nowadays, there are many amenities which help sustain one's mobility and stair lifts are among them. They can be installed indoors, to keep the rooms upstairs within reach and safely so, or yet outdoors, thus making pathways with stairs passable by people on wheelchairs.

Curved or straight

Anyone with a multi-floor house has to first identify whether the staircase installed is a straight or a curved one. This will predicate your choice of a mechanism. If your staircase is a curved one, call a specialist to ensure that the stairlift swivels at the right angle. You would also need special on-site inspection if you have two straight staircases meeting in a landing space.

Look for the benefits

Technologies integrated in stairlifts get continually upgraded and it is important that you know the benefits they offer. For one, you can now navigate your movement with handheld remote control and with easy on-chair controls. You can also enjoy foldable arms and footrest. Also available are a safety belt, safety sensors which block movement in case of an obstruction. You can also lock the stairlift to prevent grandchildren from using and inadvertently breaking it.

A stairlift should last at least 10 years. They usually come with warranty of 12 or 24 months. The rest of its life is up to you to maintain it and care for it. Considering the average price paid for a stairlift in 2020 is £3,284 - you must take good care so that you prolong your investment. 

Replacement, Reconditioning

If you have already bought a stairlift but it is not working right or has been broken, you can opt for a replacement. Giving your old item away and having a new one instead will most likely save you money. So will buying a reconditioned device. While it will not be brand new, you can rest assured that it will work like a brand new one. All providers of reconditioned stairlifts subject those to British standard tests for quality and safety. The price factor here is far from immaterial because this is not a cheap toy.

Which-Compare will help you identify the offers of individual providers and compare them against each other. By filling out a form, you get the chance to get a realistic picture of the market by comparing brochures and prices of individual manufacturers.

Acorn Stairlifts have a full suite of stairlift offers. You can buy straight or curved stairlifts for your indoor staircase. Order outdoor stairlifts and you will have it installed the next day. 

Stannah has new and reconditioned stairlifts on offer. This provider also offers rental of stairlifts just in case you wish to test the product before buying in or if a visit of elderly relatives or friends is forthcoming.

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