A buyer’s guide to Shower Enclosures

If you’ve found yourself in need of a replacement shower enclosure then you may well be surprised at the sheer amount available and how much they can differ in terms of design and price. This guide will tell you about choosing the shower enclosure that is right for your bathroom and how you can find the cheapest deal.

Finding the cheapest deal on your shower enclosure

Using the shopping search engine

The first stop in your search for the best shower enclosure deal should be Google. This search engine has had a shopping feature for quite some time now, which allows you to search through hundreds of suppliers and compare their prices all in one go.

Whilst this certainly starts as a great reference point, bear in mind that only companies registered as advertisers with Google will show in the results. Therefore you’ll need to undertake a little more research to see if these really are the cheapest deal.

Asking about ex-display items

Whilst generally you’ll find online bathroom retailers to be cheaper than physical stores there is one option that may see you netting a considerably saving. Ex-display items frequently have discounts of 20% or more, so it’s worth asking your local home furnishings or bathroom retailer. Be aware however that these items can sometimes have slight signs of wear and tear, so inspect the item thoroughly before purchasing it.

Shopping on a super tight budget

If you find yourself shopping on a super tight budget then you may have to rely on auctions websites such as eBay. Whilst purchasing second hand isn’t ideal it does offer shower enclosures that are far cheaper than anything found in online retailer’s stores.

If you choose this option be sure to read the description fully and check out the seller’s reputation through their feedback scores.

Lastly you should be more meticulous with your measurements as returning an item from an auction website is generally not allowable unless the item is faulty or damaged.

A shower enclosure should ideally last you at least 15 years so makes sure that the one you are buying is worth the money you are paying and is of good quality. 

Other factors to consider when shopping for shower enclosures

Getting your measurements right

In order to avoid the pain of having to return your shower enclosure you should make sure that you know your dimensions. For this item you will need to take the height and depth, as well as the height of the bottom shower tray on which you stand.

If the glass of your shower screen is stationary - the thickness should be 1/2 inch. If the glass is moving or part of a moving door - it's best to opt for 3/8 inch glass. 

Professional fitting versus novice

When you’ve purchased your shower enclosure you’ll have to decide between fitting it yourself or seeking professional help. It goes without saying that the latter option with be more expensive than the former, however for those who don’t know what they’re doing the possibility of leaks or floods is enough to warrant the additional spend.

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