A buyer’s guide to Smart TVs

If you’re looking to replace your old television in the near future then you may well be considering the decade’s hottest gadget: the Smart TV. Many consumers can however find themselves overwhelmed by this new technology, so this guide will talk you through what Smart TVs are, how you can make a saving on one and what else you should be considering when making your choice.

What makes a TV Smart?

If you’re new to the world of Smart TVs then you may be wondering what they are and how they work. Smart TVs are so called because they include varying technologies that allows them to have inbuilt apps (such as games, internet browsing and movie databases). They may also have the ability to record and store shows automatically. It's very easy to connect them to the internet and stream, record or pause shows. There are many streaming services that can be used with the most popular being Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and others not so popular. You can even connect to Youtube and stream from there.

The exact feature of Smart TVs differ from provider to provider, so checking out the specs for each individual model is essential if you’re to have a full idea of features.

Getting the best deal for your Smart TV

Shopping online

Shopping online will almost always see you making a significant saving on your Smart TV. Your first stop should be ‘Google Shopping’ (just head on over to Google and click on the ‘Shopping’ link at the top of the screen). Here you’ll be able to search through thousands of providers at a click of a button.The best way to use this tool is when you have a good idea of the size of TV you’re looking for.

Оther factors to consider when choosing your Smart TV

Screen Size

Whilst shopping for Smart TVs may leave you feeling like there are huge price differences between the various sizes (generally categorised from 21 inches to around 50 inches) you need to consider that the additional premium you’re paying will be split over the length of time you have the product. TVs today can generally last well in excess of five years, and so making a saving by compromising on size may be somewhat of a false economy.

Do you want to go 3D?

3D Smart TVSs do incur a premium over the traditional models, however with 3D technology now being more advanced than ever the performance of 3D Smart TVs may make for a wise investment that provides endless entertainment.

To get an idea of the differing qualities you should visit your local electronics store to test out a few models.

Picture quality

It’s impossible to get an idea of how good a picture quality a TV offers through shopping online; this makes an initial visit to a local electronics store all the more important. This is particularly emphasised by the fact that many TV makers now use cheaper companies for their lower end models, meaning that you can’t judge picture quality from brand name alone. 

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