Our Helpful Guide To Buying: Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a lovely, cost-efficient way to cover windows, doorways or to use as a room divider. The slats hang straight and are typically made of suede, fabric, vinyl or wood slats that can cover a window or sliding glass doorway. Hanging vertical blinds add a contemporary sense of charm and appeal to any room.

Benefits of Vertical Blinds

• Vertical blinds can be custom made to match your décor at very reasonable prices.

• Vertical blinds give the appearance that the ceilings are higher in a room with low ceilings.

• Vertical blinds do not prohibit air flow in the room, but they do offer protection from the sun’s rays.

• Vertical blinds can be made to fit your window specifications exactly, at relatively low costs.

Vertical blinds are the favourite choice for condominium and house owners, and also longtime rentals. Most have an easy cord and pulley system that opens and closes the blinds. Vertical blinds can be purchased in window treatment stores or online. To purchase online, search the internet for the fabric and style that fits your space, and then you can order using these steps to provide a clean, built-in look.

How to take correct measures

• Measure the width of the window or door at three places and keep the smallest measurement.

• Measure the height of the space, take the smallest measurement and subtract one inch to insure the slats to not touch the floor.

• Select baton or cord method of opening the shades. With baton opening, the baton will hang on the opposite side of the direction that the slats turn.

• Specifications for mounting will be included.

Choosing vertical blinds to enhance the décor of your home is a great choice. They are available in a large variety of colours and shades, and they prove to be the solution for any size window or shape.

Using vertical blinds at all window openings is a great way to save energy usage in your home. The blinds are efficient in cutting out the cool air and when opened, they allow the sunlight to come in.

Vertical blinds are attractive with any type of room decoration and when you remodel, their solid colour and sleek contemporary look will be appealing with any future room design.

Many people think that vertical blinds are a bit outdated but to date there is nothing better to use for sliding kitchen/patio doors, expansive windows and walkout basements. They are a great choice for offices, rented properties as they provide affordable solution.

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