A beginner’s guide to YouView

For those who are anything less than technology savvy, the world of digital TV can be a confusing one. Here we introduce you to YouView, explain what it is and how it works, and what other factors you should be considering when choosing YouView for your home.

How YouView works

YouView is an on demand library of programs, series , films and radio; through a YouView box you can watch, record, pause and rewind live TV. There are many providers out there that offer YouView boxes with monthly contracts that can start from as little as £4.25.

Setup is easy - in 3 simple steps. First step is to connect your YouView device to a TV aerial. Then you neex to connect your Youview box to the broadband. The last step is to swich it on and wait for the configuration process which will start automatically.

Getting the best YouView Deal

Starting with price comparison engines
Price comparison engines are no longer just for getting great deals on your car insurance. Today they are more flexible than ever and checking such websites for YouView deals should be your first port of call when searching for the best deal.
Whilst these websites will give you a great overview of what’s on offer you should take care to check the details in full, ensuring that you’re really comparing deals like for like.
Free YouView Box
The majority of providers now offer the YouView box for free, with no initial payment required (such boxes, when paid for, can cost anything up to £299).
Special offers
When signing up to a new YouView contract various providers try and tempt you in with vouchers, discounts or deals (for example, a Sainsbury’s £25 gift card); whilst such deals may look like a great added bonus you should take care to weigh up the actual contract and how it fares against others.

Other factors to consider when choosing your YouView

Customisation with Additional TV and on demand content
Whilst many consumers find the basic packages to provide more than enough in terms of channels, and the standard channel catch up services to offer all the programs they need, there are more options out there.
Channels such as Sky Sports, Disney, Sky Movie, Sky Living, Sky 1 and the National Geographic Channel are but a few of the channels available through different packages. Such channels obviously aren’t free, however with channels such as Sky Movies starting from just £15 you may not have to break the bank to get the programmes you want.
Broadband and telephone limits
Because YouView contracts generally come as part of a packaged deal that includes your home phone and broadband you need to take care in finding the right deal in terms of free minutes and broadband usage. In the former instance you’ll find that the majority of providers now offer free evening and weekend calls and in the latter instance you’ll need to get a good idea of your monthly internet data usage.

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