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When we have small jobs at home, sometimes we think that these jobs could be handled by ourselves and they don’t require a professional handyman. But, a single mistake while handling small jobs may cause damages or more serious situations. So, it’s safer to assign these jobs to a handyman who is the best one to get them done as required.

A handyman is able to handle a variety of tasks, you can find a professional one online or by recommendations from friends or neighbors. But, in which conditions you will need a handyman? Which services are provided by him? And how much will he cost per hour? All of this and more will be discussed in this topic.





Why a local handyman is needed

Having a trained handyman to handle your home small jobs is better than doing it yourself. That’s because of a lot of benefits you won’t feel with unless you assign tasks to professionals. These benefits include the following:


Having the right tools

Every home job requires specific tools, buying a specific tool to handle a specific task could be a waste of time because you may not face the same issue again. Furthermore, you may use the same tool to handle unrelated job. So, you may use wrong tools for unrelated small home jobs. On the other hand, a handyman is fully prepared with the right tools for all home jobs. That’s make him the right person to handle such tasks.


Leaving nothing to chance

Lack of experience usually put people in undesirable situations after handling home jobs by themselves. Sometimes you feel like it sounds okay and what you are doing is going well, but you may find unwanted results after few hours or days from doing a specific job. For example, you decided to fix an electric or plumbing issue and you managed to stop the problem, but after few days the same problem happened again. A handyman not only stop the problem, he knows too much details that enable him to fix it and prevent it from happening again.



A handyman knows which hazards could happen if a single mistake occurred. You may cause such hazards if you made a mistake while doing repairs or maintenance. They may happen as a result of cutting the wrong wire or mixing wrong chemicals. Furthermore, you may fall off a ladder while installing lights. So, stay safe and let it to a handyman.


Saving time and money

Most of us don’t have free schedules to handle home jobs ourselves. Just compare the time a professional handyman takes to handle a home job and the time you may take to handle the same task. You may spend too many hours trying to fix a door that is fixed quickly by a handyman. Furthermore saving your time, a handyman will save your money. If you made a serious mistake while trying to fix a problem, the problem will get worse and be a costly problem to be fixed. So, think wisely and don’t take the risk especially with handyman jobs.  


Services provided by a handyman

A handyman can provide a variety of services related to your home. The more experience a handyman has, the more services he can provide.The following are some of these services.



Some plumbing jobs are not risky to handle such as replacing bidet, replacing taps, or unclogging a drainage pipe. But, if you don’t have the right tools, you may expose yourself to undesired results. For example, if you used your hand to unclog a drainage pipe by removing debris from the pipe, your hand may be trapped in the pipe. So, it’s better to hire a handyman to do such plumbing tasks.



Electric jobs are those home jobs that everyone should avoid if he is not as qualified as a handyman. No one will afford an electrical shock that sometimes leads to death. You should assign all electric works to a handyman. He can provide all electricity related services including wiring, installing lights, electrical repairs, and changing the distribution box or the circuit breaker.



Painting may sounds easy for some homeowners. But in fact, it’s a messy job for unqualified painters. Furthermore, you will not provide the same quality of painting as a professional handyman can provide. So, it’s better to outsource this job to a handyman who will definitely provide your dream painted home.



Carpentry is not a simple job, it requires a qualified carpenter to provide the desired results. If you are not a carpenter, you will not be able to make shelves and cabinets or repair them as a professional one will do. Furthermore lower quality, you may expose yourself to injuries by doing carpentry job yourself. So, assign it to a carpenter to have the top possible quality and to avoid possible injuries.



There are many flooring services a handyman can provide perfectly, from tile installation to wooden flowing. You can select tile or wooden floor designs according to what you mostly prefer. But, installing them yourself as a very bad idea. Tiles or wooden flooring usually last for up to 10 years before the need to replacement. If you try to install them yourself, many mistakes are expected to be made and you will never provide the quality you desire. So, without thinking, these jobs should be assigned to a handyman who knows how to cut tiles and align them according to his experience.


Cost per hour in UK

The variety of services that could be provided by a handyman from installing lights and services to painting and flooring make it difficult to predict how much you would pay to hire a handyman. In general, handymen are charged per hour. Regardless the type of service, you will pay for the hours a handyman spent doing a specific job.

Based on 2020 prices, a local handyman cost per hour in UK ranges from £20 to £30. But, if you have a simple task that may require only one hour, a handyman would ask for a premium to cover his travel cost. In contrast, if you have many jobs that will need a whole day or few days of work, you would be offered a daily rate that is cheaper than being charged per hour.

Sometimes your home small jobs require materials. You have two options, either to buy these materials yourself or pay for them outside of the service cost. But, handymen sometimes try to make profits from buying these materials because they already saved your time and efforts.


How to find a good handyman near you

In 2020, you have two major options while looking for a handyman, either to hire a local handyman based on your friends or neighbor recommendations or to look for someone online. In fact, local handymen are less expensive than others who are available online. But, regardless your choice, there are some tips to follow in order to find a good handyman.

- Recommendations from friends and family members should be considered first.

- Check reviews of recent clients when you hire a local handyman from online companies.

- Choose a handyman who prove projects and success stories by real photos.

- Ask for a quote prior to work to avoid extra charges and get at least 3 quotes to compare prices for the same job.

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