Your outdoor space looks pretty with rattan tables and chairs

Your space outdoors becomes so very enjoyable when there is place to sit on and relish the company of friends and, of course, your summer cocktail. Doing so with summer undertones would mean that you choose rattan as the material for your outdoor tables and chairs. Originating from the Tropics, rattan is, indeed, the sunshine- and water-proof material which makes it a neat fit with British gardens. What checklist should you have in hand to select the best rattan tables and chairs?

How big is your space and how big your company?

You have to first consider your space and the number of seats you would be willing to seat onto your summertime outfit. If your garden is small, then resort to the most compact solutions. A lavish courtyard would allow you to buy a table and chairs set which would accommodate all your frequent visitors at a time. There are sets from two to up to 9-10 seats so the choice is all yours.

Deciding on material, weaving pattern

While online reviews are very convenient - you see all models from the comfort of your home, they cannot give you the look and feel. A number of rattan furniture manufacturers allow you to order free swatches to ensure you know that material you buy. You have to further decide on a weaving pattern. A ground rule is that the smaller the furniture set, the smaller the pattern and vice versa.

How durable is rattan furniture? 

Very often rattan is deemed the best material for outdoor furniture. It is extremely durable and is often said that the nails are the bits that will rust but nothing will go wrong with your chairs or table. In order to avoid nails and prevent their rusting, go for furniture where the rattan is wrapped around(weaven rattan furniture) rathen than using any kind of fixtures to keep the rattan in place. 

How big the individual items?

It is also important that you size the table and chairs according to your own size. While they say there are standard sizes, that is not always the case. Make sure that the chairs are comfortable and can conveniently "house" a guest or yourself. Another important consideration is that you ensure that your table and chairs are proportionate and that the table remains accessible from any of the seats. 

Select Furnishings has, hooray, free delivery for all items and you can pay by means with every fathomable method of payment. Besides, the summer madness sales offer up to 60% off the original price of items. 

Rattan Direct, the specialist in rattan furniture, has thousands of models and a warranty of up to five years. Do not forget to order your free swatch and use its price and size guide prior to ordering.

As for Amazon, you have all the rattan table-and-chairs offerings there for your review. Review, shortlist and then buy.

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